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Date: 1 Thu 3 Aug 2023
Date: 2 Thu 21 Sep 2023
Time: 19:00
Price: Free Admission

4D MOUND NETWORK is a solo exhibition by Jennifer Meighan, where images are made using paint, phones, graphics cards, and artificial intelligence.

Autobiographical in nature, the show collapses graveyards, archives, daydreams and neuroses into each other, collaborating across timelines with deceased Irish women to create visions of autonomy in abstraction.

Pulling largely from her research into British 19th century decorative fine arts (with a focus on the Arts and Crafts movement and the Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood) and the image legacies of life in Ireland across the same century, Meighan examines the artist’s role in managing ideas of beauty, power, purity, and futility.

Jennifer Meighan is an artist and researcher based between Belfast and Limerick. Her work occupies a space where pop culture, painterly gestures, digital materiality, “public feelings” (after Ann Cvetcovich) and self-help literature can interact, allowing her to investigate, often through a non-human lens, how power manifests in the world. Recent exhibitions include Nightbloom Chokehold at Douglas Hyde Gallery 2 (2022), Creamatorium 2, transmediale, Berlin (2021) and Creamatorium, PS Squared, Belfast (2020).