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Date: 1 Thu 21 Sep 2023
Date: 2 Thu 3 Aug 2023
Time: 19:00
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The psyche is imbedded in the Natural world and communicates symbolically, this interconnected reality.

Tá an tsícé neadaithe sa domhan nádúrtha agus déanann sí cumarsáid shiombalach, an fhírinne nasctha seo.

The mind is alive in the forest | Bíonn an intinn beosa choill
The sky is expansive | Tá an spéir fairsing

Petra Dominova is a multidisciplinary artist working with painting, moving image, sound art, digital art and installation.  With the use of myth and personal intuitive iconography, she creates work, that brings attention to the subconscious layers of the psyche, where significance is given to symbolism, depicting a connection to the unity of Nature and our roots, whilst also exploring ideas about consciousness, eco-psychology and mysticism.  Building worlds, that are weaved together through organic forms and figures, submerged in a collective sensuous reality.  Creating work that is poised in an immersive environment and can be felt directly by the viewer. 

On the cusp of the divorce from our roots in an age of technology, the primitive mind still existing in the realm of instinct and myth.  The work follows the intuitive world of the natural mind, which provides a more subjective experience.  The individual works themselves, existing in an immersive, intimate space, inviting the viewer on a further exploration, hosting a world within themselves.

The work attempts to capture the atmosphere of Nature, and its flow.  Extending its rhythm into a symbolic story, at times formless, other times complex and futuristic.  Like a river connecting all.  A stream of images and sounds in the network of the Natural world and the psyche, building a surreal, expansive reality.