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Date: 1 Thu 7 Mar 2024
Date: 2 Thu 18 Apr 2024
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EXHIBITION - 'In Memory of the Future' - with Illustrators Ireland

In Homage to Tomi Ungerer


This is an exhibition by 55 Irish illustrators, celebrating the life and work of Tomi Ungerer.


Tomi Ungerer was an internationally recognised, admired and well-loved illustrator. Ungerer spent much of his life as a young man trying to find a place to settle, having been uprooted first by World War 2, then by prejudice, and finally by boredom. In the end, we were lucky and Ungerer settled in Ireland.


In 2018 Ungerer was welcomed as the first honorary member of Illustrators Ireland – a gesture that was partially tongue-in-cheek – but Ungerer accepted his crown with grace, humility and great enthusiasm.


Unfortunately, Ungerer passed away before we, Illustrators Ireland, had a chance to organise an event with him. Our aim with this exhibition is to commemorate Ungerer, his work and how he influenced so many of our members both in Ireland and abroad.


Each illustrator has chosen a work by Ungerer and offered their response to it, or their interpretation of it. Ungerer enjoyed wordplay and the title of the exhibition was chosen as it was a favourite phrase of his. Tomi Ungerer might be the ‘memory’ but we are the ‘future’.