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Date: 1 Thu 2 Feb 2023
Date: 2 Thu 16 Mar 2023
Time: 19:00
Price: Saorchead

Hushing is an exhibition of new works by the artist Tiffani Love.

Informed by her walks through the landscape, Love’s oil paintings and lens-based work in Hushing gently highlight the liminal spaces existing within the Irish landscape.

Traversing her local coastline along the illusive shores of the Atlantic in Clare and Galway, and the terrains found inland along rivers, streams, turloughs and lakes, her work navigates the spaces where water, earth and atmosphere meld.

The exhibition explores how the body responds to these places while moving through them. The focal point of Hushing is a series of small oil paintings which expand Love’s ongoing project entitled Field Notes; these are quick, yet intimate, studies of places and moments in time.

It continues her examination of how the act of painting a landscape can function as a way to preserve a place, and explore how we experience and connect with our environments.