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Date: 1 Thu 1 Dec 2022
Date: 2 Thu 26 Jan 2023
Time: 7:00pm
Price: Free
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Wine and light refreshments provided
After Brexit, under the Northern Ireland Protocol it was agreed that Northern Ireland would continue to follow EU rules on product standards to prevent checks along the border. Instead, inspections on goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain would take place at Northern Irish ports. This has prompted criticism that a new border has been created in the Irish Sea. Under EU food safety rules, sausages are no longer allowed to enter Northern Ireland from Great Britain. Belfast-based, Japanese artist Shiro Masuyama has realized a new social intervention using sausages to highlight this Irish Sea Border which was created after Brexit. Shiro Masuyama was born in Tokyo. Following international residencies in the Irish Museum of Modern Art and Flax Art Studios, Masuyama moved to Belfast, where he’s been based ever since. As a Japanese artist who has settled in Belfast, he’s in a unique position to question how identity can be influenced by the dominant political forces surrounding us.