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Date: Thu 3 Feb 2022
Time: 7:00pm
Price: Free

New Exhibition Launch!

Traditional Cultures in this part of Ireland can often be abused and misused as a negative commentary, ‘a stick to beat the other side with.’ We are more than just flags and kerbstones. All cultures have an intrinsic beauty within, which is often overlooked. My new series of work I have focused on aspects of the built landscape which have traditionally been associated with one or the other side. Buildings and locations such as Stormont Castle, Clonard Monastery, Milltown cemetery and Windsor Park, created intriguing symmetrical compositions divorced from its previous traditional associations. Through this selection of work, I want to encourage all to see beyond the history of a place and appreciate the beauty within. My work is kaleidoscopic pieces drawn from locations and landmarks previously identified to be one or the other culture, from divided cultures here. Highlighting the beauty which is visible everywhere if you know how to look, a true beauty found in each culture which can be appreciated without prejudice.