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Date: Sat 23 Jan 2021
Time: 10am-1pm
Price: Free

This workshop is an invitation to respond to the work from the Drawing Journal: Image of Thought Exhibition, to develop creative writing and drawing based on personal memory and objects participants will bring to the workshop.

Part 1 of the workshop will be led by Niamh Clarke and Doris Rohr with support from Tamzin Ashcroft

Part 2 of the workshop will be led by Tamzin Ashcroft with support from Niamh Clarke and Doris Rohr.

The overall workshop will be approximately 3 hours long and is limited to 12 participants.

Part 1: 85 mins led Doris Rohr & Niamh Clarke

Significant objects

Initially we will explore free association through writing or drawing. Personal objects will form a distinctive part in developing writing of personal significance in the format of autobiographical and/or fictional responses. Participants are encouraged to explore mark making and drawing, if they would like to.

Break: 15 minutes

Part 2: 80 mins led by Tamzin Ashcroft

Developing narrative:

Participants will be able to connect drawing and text and realise the creative potential of the two mediums. Taking inspiration from Image of Thought participants choose one of the project titles they connect with to develop writing from. The aim is to free the mind of the participant in developing text based responses to stimulate the creative process.

This is followed by a showcase of drawing styles, providing an opportunity to experience drawing and to experiment with a range of drawing techniques which will be introduced by Tamzin. She will use examples from the exhibition to illustrate this. This part of the workshop encourages participants to develop drawing skills.

The plenary invites all participants to share their best practices, read out their stories and/or show their drawings.

You need to bring:


An object or several objects of personal relevance

Pen/notebook, pencil, eraser


Ruler, charcoal, chalk, pastel.

Participants should ensure that they can download zoom. A video function is desirable.

This workshop will be facilitated in English