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Date: Mon 7 Aug 2023
Time: 13:00
Price: Various Prices

A celebration of the life and works of Irish poet and novelist, Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967).

Compiled and performed by Noel McGee, ‘I, Kavanagh’ is staged by kind permission of the Trustees of the Estate of the late Katherine B. Kavanagh, through the Jonathan Williams Literary Agency.

Kavanagh left school at 13 to help on the home farm and learn the cobbler trade from his father. As he wrote himself, he ‘ innocently dabbled in words and rhymes and it became his life.’ In 1939 he move to Dublin to become a full time writer. Many dismissed the ‘peasant Bard’ as a vain, uncouth, aggressive drunk, yet his work reveals a deep spirituality and sensitive nature. ‘I, Kavanagh’ - compiled from his own writings- is not an impersonation of the man, but rather an exploration of his life and unique poetic vision.

£7 / £5 don seó amháin

£15 / £13 seó agus lón