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Date: Thu 1 Dec 2022
Time: 7:00pm
Price: Free

Join us on opening night for this exciting exhibition Wine and light refreshments provided

Estranged by Lorraine Cleary Themes explored in Cleary’s work arise from a misogynistic culture that has been ingrained in Irish society for decades. Estranged is large site-specific installation made from deconstructed domestic objects that are painted pink and are then stacked vertically in suffocating layers. The concept behind the work arises as a reaction to female entrapment in the home. This layered assemblage of flattened and repurposed domestic fixtures lines the gallery walls acting as a type of obstacle that serves as a tangible representation of that invisible barrier experienced by those within the realm of abuse. Domestic abuse occurs within a physical arena with far reaching implications within the psychological. Estranged is a tangible response to this. Body & mind become estranged, a disembodied reaction to abuse. Two spaces exist simultaneously, a space within a space; that of the gallery itself and the Estranged Space that lines its perimeter.