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Date: Sat 2 Jul 2022
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In these imaginative science-fiction stories, Ó Muireagáin presents us with surreal, dystopian and barbaric worlds; and worlds that call the truth into question while still containing an unmistakable element of real life. He strips back the layers to let us see beneath the sham exterior, exposing the inequality of the world we live in. These are bold stories.

The story ‘An Chóir Chodlata’ was awarded Duais an Mhaolánaigh in the Oireachtas literary competition in 2018.

Seán Ó Muireagáin is from the Springfield area in Belfast. He writes poetry, songs and short stories. He has spent 35 years working in the Irish- medium education sector in the Six Counties, working as an activist, as a nursery and primary schoolteacher and, for the past 20 years, as an Advisory Officer. His first collection of short stories was published by Éabhlóid.