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Date: Thu 3 Feb 2022
Time: 7:00pm
Price: Free

New Exhibition Launch!

Eimear Nic Roibeaird is delighted to debut her solo exhibition An Chéad Bhean/The First Woman in the Gerard Dillion Gallery. An Chéad Bhean tells the story of Irish womanhood through paintings and written work based on the Cailleach figure. The Cailleach figure appears in Irish lore and heritage. The Cailleach is a character is based upon the villainous image giving to Irish woman who possessed unattainable power that neither Nationalism nor Christianity could possess. In this exhibition she will be depicted as the “wicked” Aoife, the venturous Cessair, the frightful Morrigan and the heroic Sadbh. Weaving together myth and realism, this narrative exhibition is a compelling body of work that has been developed by Nic Roibeaird the past 18 months. She is inspired by her Gael heritage and culture and the stories of Mythology she was raised with and her own experience.