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Date: Mon 20 Jun 2022

Welcome to our creative Butterfly and Caterpillar family resource.

This resource is full of creative learning opportunities for the whole family. The ability to think creatively is a vital skill needed throughout our lives.

Skills, such as the ability to problem solve, think critically about our actions and work, and to recall learning and apply it in new ways, are all key skills to be fostered in our children. They are all addressed here!

At the moment, as parents, we are all pushed to our limits, with our children’s wellbeing at the forefront of our concerns. Creative activities, de-stress and induce calm, increase concentration and create a sense of wellbeing.

There is no wrong answer and everyone can do it!

The activities included cover many of the different areas of learning from the Primary School Curriculum for Foundation and Key Stage 1& 2 such as:
The Arts
The World Around Us
Language and Literacy
Mathematics and Numeracy
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding
Physical Education & Movement
Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities
Using ICT

Please find resource material here.